EMU Dining Service Menu Proposal

At HackEastern (Eastern Michigan University) my team and I observed issues with our college's dining service menu. It works well on the desktop, but it isn't mobile friendly and doesn't have any features beyond the menu information. So we decided to create our own moible friendly version and even add more features to it.


A Bootstrap-based website, that I work on in my free time. I use it to host projects I have worked on and to show potential employers information about me. It has custom animations that I designed and it is also extremely mobile friendly. Give it a try on any device.

Arsho Hunts

This is a small game I created in my Internet-based Computing (COSC 231) class. You're a small child collecting food dropped periodically in your play pen. You use the arrow keys to move. Marshmallows are worth 100 points and Cherrios are worth 1. You have thirty seconds to collect as many as you can.

Snake Game

I wanted to learn how to use canvas elements in javascript, so I made a two player snake game in my spare time. Food spawns based on a timer and makes your character grow if you collide with it. If you run into yourself or the other player, you lose.

Pokemon Card List

I wanted to learn how to work with React. Starting with the create-react-app as a base, I used pokeapi.co and pokeres.bastionbot.org APIs to replicate the look and feel of the original Pokemon cards. In this project, I explored hooks (useEffect, useState), functional components, how to build/deploy a react app, and the basics of functional programming. Front-end styling was a large part of this project, so I was also able to exhibit my SASS/CSS skills.